A current resident of Westfield, New Jersey, Rita Janice Sall was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey.  It was there, through the elementary school system, that she was first introduced to the wonderful world of the written word; an opportunity to jump start her lifelong love of words, poetry in particular.  At the young age of twelve years old, Rita was fortunate enough to have a forward thinking English Literature teacher who formed the first ever poetry writing competition comprised of all four seventh grade classes.

Each class member was then able to contribute a verse or two which was then voted on by her peers.  Needless to say, having contributed two verses to the award winning poem, did much to instill within this young girl, a deep desire to further develop her skill for the much beloved world of poetry; a love which later turned into a fierce passion and created a spark within that would never dim. Several years later, at a social gathering, a gentleman, noticing a book of poetry clutched in her hand, remarked to her that she must have a lot to say.  Shy and somewhat taken aback by this rather bold statement, Ms. Sall simply nodded in the affirmative and moved on.  It wasn’t long afterwards that this somewhat introverted young lady realized that, yes, indeed, she did have a lot to say.  Reinforcing her great love to communicate and share with the world her thoughts, ideas, and truths.

This deep desire for total creativity and self-expression was not limited to the written word.  Wishing to further develop her love for any art form, Rita then chose to attend F.I.T. where she majored in fashion design.  This experience enabled her to broaden her perspective and see things, the world, in a totally new light, a new dimension, with color and shades and depth.  A point of view which she utilizes when creating images, visions for her poems.  Her ideal is to be an inspiration and catalyst for others no matter what their art form is about.